Coal of Origin North East India

Suppliers of Coal of Origin North East INDIA

The North East of India is rich in various minerals, ore and vegetations. Due to difficult terrain region and poor infrastructure, not much of the areas have exploited and most of the natural deposits are untapped.
Among these, COAL mining business is fast developing in this region. The coal found in these regions is known for its high density and high thermal efficiency.
Below is the typical chemical specification of the coal mined in the North East Region of India
Fixed Carbon
35% to 48%
6% to 13%
10% to 12%
38% to 40%
2% to 3%
5500 to 7000

Suppliers of Coal in India of GCV 5500 and GCV 7000, Fix Carbon 45% to 48%, Volatile matter
 Most of the mines located in the region are possessing approval from Director of Geology and Mines in their respective states.
The coal mined in these regions does not emit any green house gases. The coal is mainly transported through road and railway rakes.
Screened Coal (Coal Lumps) is also available on demand.
Government also takes out e-Auction of the coal. Interested clients have to check the newspapers regularly or contact the Director of Geology and Mines office.

Most of the traders office of North East India Coal are located either at Guwahati or Kolkata along with major supplier offices located at the respective origin and mining locations.

Coal available of origin Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur


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