Coal of GCV 5500 to GCV 7000 for Sale in India | Coal from Nagaland

Low ash Coal ready stocks in India, Coal for sale in India


Coal from Nagaland

The coal is of origin Nagaland available of GCV 5000 to 7000. The minimum quantity of order is ranging from 1000Mt to 20,000MT or above. With the development in country, coal demand has increased with the industrial revolution. The main transport is done by Road and by railway rakes. Due to it High caloric value, the coal is mainly in demand from Steel Mills and Rolling Mills. The coal also posses low ash content is also an added advantage.

The size of coal is available as per the requirement of clients / buyers.  The coal available is in ROM form which can be crusher and screened as per the demand from buyer / clients.
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Locator map of the Seven Sister States and Sik...
Locator map of the Seven Sister States and Sikkim in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Complete assistance for procurement, storing, crushing, screening, blending and transporting services are available for the clients / buyers interested in buying the coal from Nagaland and other regions of North East India.
The Coal from North East India is suitable for Steel industry, Sponge Iron Manufacturers, Cement Industries, Brick chambers, Sugar Manufacturers etc.

Other than Nagaland Coal is also mined in neighboring states and the famous coal is of Kharsang Coal (Arunachal Pradesh), Bapun Coal (Meghalaya), Nangal Coal (Jogigopha), Nagnimora Coal (Nagaland)


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