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Boats n Engines

Sale and purchase of new and used reconditione outboard motor boat engines. The boats and engines listed under this label is either available in stock or is sold online through affliate program of a reputed manufacturer or dealer. Spare parts for outboard motor boat engines are also put on sale under this label.

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Mitsubishi S6B marine motor generator for sale | Reusable / Used

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 07:59 AM PDT

Mitsubishi S6B

Marine Motor Generator
Marine Auxiliary Motor Engine

Deals in sourcing and supplying used second hand Mitsubishi S6B marine motor generators and auxiliary motor engines.

The generator and engines are removed from ship and we do all required top to down servicing and cleaning along with load test. Once they are in excellent working condition we supply them to our valued customers.

Contact us for price and availability.

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Yanmar 8LAA M with Gear Box

Posted: 25 Jul 2015 01:23 PM PDT

Used Marine Diesel Engine Yanmar 8LAA for Sale

We are regular suppliers of used Yanmar Marine Propulsion Motor / Engines with Gearbox sourced from ship breaking yards.

At present Yanmar Marine Motor Engine available with Gear Box ( Used ) as per details mention below

  • Make : YANMAR
  • Model : 8LAA-M
  • RPM : 1800
  • Make : 1994
  • HP : 500
  • Twin Turbocharged Engine
  • Gear Box Ratio 4:1

Yanmar Marine Propulsion Motors for Sale
Yanmar 8LAA-M

The Engine is in Running Condition
Interested buyer do contact us for more details and availability

Subjected to being unsold

Other Yanmar propulsion motor are also sourced and supply of low and high HP sourced from ship recycling yards and subjected to availability.
Propulsion Engines with Gearbox
Manufactured by: Yanmar
Model: 8LAA-M
Product ID: Propulsion 8LAA-M with Gearbox
4.8 based on 15 reviews
22000 Used

Yanmar 8LAA-M Propulsion Motor with Gearbox for sale
Used Yanmar Engine and Generator Suppliers
Yanmar Motor
Date published: 07/26/2015
4.9 / 5 stars

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Sulzer 6AL 20/24 Generator

Posted: 24 Jul 2015 01:58 AM PDT

Sulzer HFO based generators available in stock and for sale. Used and in working condition, running take out from ship. The details of the engine is as below
  • Make : Sulzer
  • Type : 6AL 20/24
  • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Voltage 450
  • KVA: 625
  • Fuel : HFO

Sulzer Motor Products

Interested buyers kindly do contact us at the earliest
Subjected to being unsold
Sulzer HFO Based Generator
Manufactured by: Sulzer
Model: 6AL 20/24
Product ID: 6AL20-24
4.6 based on 5 reviews
22000 Used

Used Sulzer HFO Based generator of 625 KVA at 900 RPM
Sulzer marine motors and Sulzer Generators
Sulzer Products
Date published: 07/24/2015
4.8 / 5 stars

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

Used Marine Engines / Generators and Spares

MTU 12V538 for sale | Marine Propulsion Motor Engine with Gearbox for sale

Posted: 22 Jul 2015 03:50 AM PDT

MTU 12V538 Marine Motor Engine with Gearbox for sale.

Used marine engine with gearbox second hand and in excellent working condition.
MTU Rolls Royce Marine Propulion Motor Engines with Gearbox
MTU Rolls Royce Propulsion Motor

Available in stock, for sale, ready to dispatch
Details of the engine as below

  • Make : MTU
  • Type : 12V538 
  • Kw : 1480 
  • RPM : 1710 
  • Make : ZF Marine Germany

    MTU marine engines, MTU propulsion engines, rolls royce
    MTU 12V538
    Propulsion engine with gearbox, MTU engine
    MTU 12V538 Gearbox

    1. Presently 2 nos engines with gearbox is available in stock. 
    2. Subjected to being unsold 
    3. Location : India

    Call Us now at: +91-9745527006
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    MTU 12V538

    MTU 12V538 Marine Propulsion Motor Engines with Gearbox for Sale

    by Naik.

    MTU marine propulsion motor available in stock and subjected to bing unsold

    Mitsubishi S12R

    Posted: 22 Jul 2015 02:12 AM PDT

    Available in stock complete unit of Mitsubishi S12R MPTA motor engines in running condition. All engines are neat and free from any fault or damage.

    We source and supply used Mitsubishi S12R motor engines and generators taken out of ship and shipyard and ship recycling yards.

    Mitsubishi S12R used marine motor for sale
    Mitsubishi S12R

    Product description: At present available in stock Mitsubishi S12R MPTA and in excellent working condition.

    Engine Details:

    • Make : MITSUBISHI
    • Type : S12R-MPTA 
    • KW : 1110 RPM : 1500 
    • Hz : 50 
    Alternator Details:
    •  Maker : Leroy Somer Panther Alternator
    • Type : M50.1L8C6S/4 
    • KVA : 1333  
    • Hz : 50 
    • RPM : 1500 

    Please revert with your interest / feedback. Subjected to being unsold.
    Interested buyer contact us for price and other details

    Call us now : +91-9745527006
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    Mitsubishi S12R

    Mitsubishi S12R marine motor generator for sale in working condition.

    by Naik.

    Mitsubishi Used marine and industrial standby motor generators and auxiliary engines regular suppliers.